Mini Born Scallop Collar DRESS


In the baby clothing sector, manufacturing is carried out in Bursa Vişne Industrial area under the Miniborn Baby brand.
Ürünlerimiz bebeğiniz için en doğal yumuşaklığı sağlamak adına %100 pamuk kumaşlardan üretilmiştir.
Our fabrics are breathable, soft to the touch, suitable for all seasons, anti-sweat, stylish and useful.
Oekotex certified, does not contain carcinogenic and allergenic materials.
Our quality, organic products that can be used on special occasions are sold at wholesale prices.
Our products are made of mesh, snap fasteners and interlock fabric.
0-3 months is 56 cm, 3-6 months is 62 cm, 6-9 months is 68 cm, 9-12 months is 74 cm.

Model Number: 3056
Product Type: % 100 Cotton
Age: 3, 6, 9, 12 Months

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